Magnetic Shielding

  • Abschirmungen aus weichmagnetischen Werkstoffen

    Magnetic Shielding in Soft Magnetic Alloys

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  • Kompetente Beratung im Vorfeld

    Qualified Advance Consultation

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  • Auslegung und Berechnung von magnetischen Abschirmungen

    Design and Calculation of Magnetic Shielding

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  • FEM-Simulationen und Messungen

    FEM Simulations and Measurements

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  • Multifunktionale Abschirmungen

    Multifunctional Shielding

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Magnetic shielding foils, tubes and cans

Shielding Tubes in MUMETALL®

Different problems demand different solutions – and this also applies to magnetic shielding.

Simple shielding can be carried out using standardised or near-standard products. Foil made from the materials VITROVAC® 6025 X or MUMETALL® is particularly suitable for initial experiments. As a rule, however, production of shielding will be preceded by a planning and design phase.

Shielding forms

Shielding Forms in MUMETALL®

More „sophisticated“ profiles are produced by metal machining, forming, welding etc. This processing requires some specific adjustments to the materials special mechanical properties. A possible influence on shape and tolerances as a consequence of the annealing treatment needs to be considered.

Especially with complex forms with many openings FEM results should be taken with some care and the shielding factor should be verified by measurements

Among the determining criteria for a suitable shielding solution are:

  • Magnetic field force and field flux
  • Magnetic field frequency
  • Spatial limitationsEnvironmental conditions such as temperature, humidity etc.
  • Visual impression
  • Cost

To solve shielding problems efficiently and cost-effective, SEKELS GmbH offers a long-term experience with theoretical and practical approaches. We measure and analyze interfering fields on site or in our lab, define the ideal design and alloy and produce from prototypes to series deliveries, of course including the necessary magnetic annealing.

We stock all relevant alloys from 80 % NiFe to 50 % CoFe and we are familiar with alloy specific machining methods, from simple pre-cut parts to sophisticated composite systems. Computer-assisted testing and verification of the shielding factor is possible in Helmholtz systems featuring diameters up to 2 meters.


Brochure "Magnetic Shielding" PDF, 4 MB

HOMIE (magnetically shielded variable and homogenious magnetic field system)