• Ribbons, Foils

    • Thickness 0,5 – 2,0 mm
    • Width ca. 270 – 280 mm
    • Length as demanded
  • Further possible material treatments

    We cut, trim, slit, bend, stamp, weld and anneal – simple forms as well as more complicated geometries.

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  • Thermal annealing

    Please note, that with very few exceptions soft magnetic alloys, and in particular finished parts, need to be treated with a thermal annealing to obtain the desired magnetic properties.

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Properties of material

With a similar composition to MUMETALL®, but treated with a special initial annealing process, CRYOPERM® 10 is an optimised shielding material for temperatures in the range of liquid nitrogen (approx. 77 K) or liquid helium (approx. 4,2 K). The magnetic properties of CRYOPERM® 10 at low temperatures are comparable to those of MUMETALL® at room temperature. This makes CRYOPERM® 10 the appropriate material for creating magnetic shielding for superconductors (especially SQUID sensors).