DURACON® 45M for mould and die production


The recently developed Iron-Cobalt-Nickel alloy DURACON® 45M combines high hardness and high tensile strength with an excellent thermal conductivity. This unique combination of properties makes the material attractive for the production of moulds and dies. The very high thermal conductivity allows a significant reduction of the cycle time and enhances the surface quality and the dimensional accuracy of the produced plastic parts. Furthermore, DURACON® 45M has a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of typical tool steels, which reduces thermal stress in composite moulds. Additionally, DURACON® 45M is free of Beryllium.

  • High hardness of 48 HRC
  • High tensile strength of 1300 MPa
  • Very high thermal conductivity of 82 W/(m·K)
  • Thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of typical tool steels (11 · 10-6 K-1)
  • Free of Beryllium


  • Cobalt 45 wt.%, Nickel 15 wt.%, Iron Balance

Delivery condition

  • Basic condition, age hardened on request

Form of delivery

  • hot rolled and hot forged rods, bars and bulk material

Properties of DURACON® 45M in comparison

Alloy Thermal conductivity Tensile strength Density
[Wm-1 K-1] [MPa] [kg m-3]
1.23443 / 1.2083 11 – 35 1990 7850
CuBe2 ca. 100 670 – 1150 8090 – 8620
DURACON® 45M 82 1300 8300

All data for DURACON® 45M for the age hardened condition. As a rule DURACON® 45M is delivered in the base condition (martensitic). The base condition allows the mechanical workability by e. g. turning or milling. After age hardening at 500 °C (2 hours) post-processing by grinding is possible.

Die SEKELS GmbH bietet als offizieller Partner der VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co.KG Stangen in verschiedenen Durchmessern sowie Massivmaterial bis Dicke x Breite 370 x 97 mm oft ab Lager an. Dabei wird der Lagerbestand dieses hochinteressanten Werkstoffes sukzessive ausgebaut.


Technical Data (VAC) PDF, 332 KB
Flyer DURACON® 45M (Sekels) PDF 1,79 MB
Sonderdruck Hochwärmeleitfähige Werkzeugmaterialien, German, PDF 236 KB
Eisen-Kobalt-Nickel-Legierung als Partner für Stahl im Formenbau, German, PDF 241 KB