• Ribbons, Foils

    • Thickness 0,05 mm – 0,15 mm
    • Width < 640 mm (smaller standard sizes are available)
    • Length as demanded
    • w/o or with adhesive layer
  • Sheets, Cuts

    • Thickness 0,35 mm – 3 mm
    • Length < 3000 mm
    • Width < 750 mm
    • Sheets may be purchased complete or cut according to your requirements.
  • Rods, Bars

    • Diameter 1 mm – 215 mm
    • Length < 4000 mm (smaller standard sizes are available)
  • Further possible material treatments

    We cut, trim, slit, bend, stamp, weld and anneal – simple forms as well as more complicated geometries.

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  • Thermal annealing

    Please note, that with very few exceptions soft magnetic alloys, and in particular finished parts, need to be treated with a thermal annealing to obtain the desired magnetic properties.

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Properties of material

The nickel-iron alloy MUMETALL® is particularly well suited for applications requiring medium magnetic saturation induction, low magnetic coercive field strength and high permeability. Its high nickel content makes the mechanical working of MUMETALL® not unproblematic. Its magnetic properties however make the material one of the most common shielding materials. The high nickel content in most cases makes a surface corrosion protection unnecessary.

Among the most common applications of MUMETALL® are shielding for medium field strengths, multi-layer shielding, actuators and lamination stacks. MUMETALL® can be obtained through SEKELS GmbH as sheets, strip stock, final magnetically annealed foil, or rods, but also in form of finished parts.