• Ribbons, Foils

    • Thickness 0,05 mm – 0,15 mm
    • Width < 640 mm (smaller standard sizes are available)
    • Length as demanded
    • w/o or with adhesive layer
  • Sheets, Cuts

    • Thickness 0,35 mm – 3 mm
    • Length < 3000 mm
    • Width < 750 mm
    • Sheets may be purchased complete or cut according to your requirements.
  • Rods, Bars

    • Diameter 1 mm – 215 mm
    • Length < 4000 mm (smaller standard sizes are available)
  • Mögliche weitere Veredelung

    Wir längen ab, besäumen, teilen, biegen, stanzen, schweißen und glühen – von einfachsten Formen bis zu komplizierten Geometrien.

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  • Wärmebehandlung

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass bis auf wenige Ausnahmen nach Abschluss der mechanischen Bearbeitung eine Wärmebehandlung zur Einstellung der weichmagnetischen Eigenschaften zwingend notwendig ist.

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Properties of material

The nickel-iron alloy MUMETALL® is particularly well suited for applications requiring medium magnetic saturation induction, low magnetic coercive field strength and high permeability. Its high nickel content makes the mechanical working of MUMETALL® not unproblematic. Its magnetic properties however make the material one of the most common shielding materials. The high nickel content in most cases makes a surface corrosion protection unnecessary.

Among the most common applications of MUMETALL® are shielding for medium field strengths, multi-layer shielding, actuators and lamination stacks. MUMETALL® can be obtained through SEKELS GmbH as sheets, strip stock, final magnetically annealed foil, or rods, but also in form of finished parts.

Typical magnetic properties after annealing
AlloyCompositionµ4 (50 Hz)HC [A/m]BS [T]TCurie [°C]Thermal expansion [10-6/K] (20...100°C)Specific electrical resistance [µOm]Density[g/cm³]
VITROVAC® 6025 X80 % Co2000010,58200121,357,7
VACOPERM® 10080 % NiFe9000020,7840013,50,68,7
MUMETALL®80 % NiFe5000030,8040013,50,68,7
PERMENORM® 5000 H250 % NiFe12000101,55440100,458,25
VACOFLUX® 50 (strip)50 % CoFe1000902,359509,50,358,12
VACOFLUX® 50 (massive)50 % CoFe1000 (static)2002,359509,50,358,12
Soft Iron99,9 % Fe1000 (static)802,15770 0,1077,86
CRYOPERM® 1080 % NiFe**** 0,358,7
TRAFOPERM® N33 % SiFe1000 (static)252,03750120,47,65
µ4: µr at 0,4 A/m