Soft Iron

  • Sheets, Cuts

    • Thickness 1 mm – 3 mm
    • Length < 3000 mm
    • Width < 750 mm
    • Sheets may be purchased complete or cut according to your requirements.
  • Rods, Bars

    • Diameter 8 mm – 180 mm
    • Length < 4000 mm (smaller standard sizes are available)
  • Further possible material treatments

    We cut, trim, slit, bend, stamp, weld and anneal – simple forms as well as more complicated geometries.

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  • Thermal annealing

    Please note, that with very few exceptions soft magnetic alloys, and in particular finished parts, need to be treated with a thermal annealing to obtain the desired magnetic properties.

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Properties of material

For applications that presuppose high saturation magnetisation but require defined magnetic properties, using a conventional iron substance or steel is not recommendable. Only painstaking processing and annealing can achieve reliable and reproducible magnetic material properties with pure iron.

Soft iron is employed principally in the area of magnetic systems, e. g. in pole shoes, yokes, as a magnetic anchoring mass and in the form of flux conductor plates. Soft iron shielding also makes it possible to control strong magnetic fields. Its high Curie temperature permits applications that would not be realisable with MUMETALL® or PERMENORM® 5000 H2, but coercive field strength and dynamic losses are distinctly higher than with the latter.