• Ribbons, Foils

    • Thickness ca. 20 µm – 25 µm
    • Width 2,5 – 50 mm
    • Length as demanded
  • Further possible material treatments

    We cut, trim, slit, bend, stamp, weld and anneal – simple forms as well as more complicated geometries.

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  • Thermal annealing

    Please note, that with very few exceptions soft magnetic alloys, and in particular finished parts, need to be treated with a thermal annealing to obtain the desired magnetic properties.

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Properties of material

Amorphous Co-alloys (VITROVAC®) feature a unique combination of mechanical strength and hardness with soft magnetic properties. Furthermore due to the low magnetostriction of the alloys, the magnetic properties are almost insensitive against elastic deformations like e. g. small bending radii.

Due to the required rapid solidification production method, amorphous tapes are only available in a thickness of about 20 µm. They are ideal for effective magnetic shielding against weak magnetic fields, e. g. cable shielding.

Flyer Magnetic Shielding Foil from VITROVAC® 6025 I50X