VITROLAM® Composite Power Transfer & Shielding Foil


VITROLAM® is a composite from thin and narrow VITROPERM® strips with PET as mechanical protection. Heat treated nanocrystalline VITROPERM® features exceptional soft magnetic properties in the several 100 kHz range but is pretty brittle. The composite design with up to 6 nanocrystalline layers allows a mechanically robust and flexible shielding foil with a small total thickness and a high efficiency. The VITROLAM® foils are used e. g. in inductive charging stations for smart phones and tablets. 

Actually on stock: VITROLAM® 477 P8 R4, VITROLAM® 477 P8 R6, VITROLAM® 6190 P8 R6


MFA-110 Measuring and Analyzing System for Magnetic Fields

MFA-110 Measuring and Analyzing System for Magnetic Fields
  • Complete system including detection head, Data Acquisiti­on Box, software and PC (optional)
  • Gapless recording of field strength in the frequency range 1 Hz to 400 kHz according to all major ­standards (e. g. ICNIRP, BGV B11)
  • High resolution data capturing and storage of raw data
  • M-STREAM software for transparent data analysis including comparison with many international and national guidelines in one system
  • Open system, own guidelines can be implemented by the user­

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SEKELS GMBH as the official partner of VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG is offering the special alloy DURACON 45M in many sizes ex stock.

The recently developed Iron-Cobalt-Nickel alloy DURACON® 45M combines high hardness and high tensile strength with an excellent thermal conductivity. This unique combination of properties makes the material attractive for the production of moulds and dies.

The very high thermal conductivity allows a significant reduction of the cycle time and enhances the surface quality and the dimensional accuracy of the produced plastic parts. Furthermore, DURACON® 45M has a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of typical tool steels, which reduces thermal stress in composite moulds. Additionally, DURACON® 45M is free of Beryllium.

The partnership shall assure the fast availability of massive material and rods ex stock. The available sizes will be expanded according to the market requirements.

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