Nanocrystalline C-Cores

VAC now offers nanocrystalline c-cores made from the unique VITROPERM tape. Applications are power transformers in converters for drives or switched mode power supplies, welding converters or converters for inductive heating.

Advantages of nanocrystalline c-cores are low losses, high induction and low noise when operating at accoustic frequencies due to the low magnetostriction.

VITROPERM – typical data
Saturation flux densityBs = 1.2 T
Coercivity (static)Hc < 3 A/m
Saturation magnetostrictionλs = 10-8….10-6
Electrical resistivityρ ~ 115 μΩcm
Curie temperatureTc > 580 °C
Material permeabilityμi = 20000... 50000*
Core losses (2500Hz, 0.5 T)PFe ≤ 1 W/kg*
Tape thicknessapprox. 18 μm
Material composition(FeSi)89(BNbCu)11 At.-%
* Measured with toroidal cores w/o air gap